"Annual Awards 2016"



For ten consecutive years now Latvia University of Agriculture student self-government has been organizing the “Annual Awards” to celebrate and express special gratitude to LUA students and working staff, who, during the prior year showed everyone they were the best in their field and that they deserve an award for it.  

To say a special thank you, we decided that this year’s “Annual Awards 2016” ceremony is going to take place in Jelgava palace’s Silver Hall – on the most romantic and heartwarming day of all: the 14. February.  
An award for your work always works as a thruster, so this year at “Annual Awards 2016” we will say a special thank you to the 13 most incredible personalities in 

1.        Dean of the year; 
2.        Most inspiring academic of the year; 
3.        Helper of the year; 
4.        Event of the year; 
5.        Scientist of the year; 
6.        Administrator of the year; 
7.        Department of the year; 
8.        Student of the year; 
9.        Self-government of the year; 
10.       Amateur art group of the year; 
11.       Athlete of the year; 
12.       Addition of the year; 
13.       Lifetime contribution to the development of LUA

We are very happy and honored about every single person, who is nominated and keeps up their inspiring work in LUA even after getting the award.  

But no Award ceremony wold be as good as it is without our sponsors. So we want to thank the wonderfully sponsors who are helping us create a better “Annual award” ceremony: Baltic Candles, Food Union,Musl Graci, SIA Karavela,Dailes teātris,Dinamo Rīga,Ģederta Eliasa Jelgavas Vēstures mākslas muzejs, Bistro Silva,Bemberi maiznīca, Ricberry,Latvijas Nacionālā opera, A/S Hanzas Maiznīca Akmeņlauzis and TALLINKfor their special gift to 3 nominees.


We invite you to nominate anyone who deserves the award by filling up the nomination form. Let`s say thank you together.  

To fill the form click Here

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